We are very pleased to be able to bring you our website so that you can see full details of the products we have to offer the bus and coach modeller - together with a range of items of equal use to modellers in other fields such as railway modelling.

The pages in the Model Omnibus section that have been added show full details of the early products from M-O that are now available plus advance details of items under development for introduction during 2018 starting in late February.

The M-O product range, although developed and manufactured independently of DMB (although we do have a certain input in the ‘ideas department’!) is available exclusively from DMB.

We have separated our ‘LATEST PRODUCT NEWS’ and ‘WEBSITE’ NEWS onto their own pages to make them easier to find - use the yellow button/’drop-down’ menu at left-hand side.(Both ‘Product’ & ‘Website’ news updated 11-04-18)

We have also added new sections to the website that will not be simply ‘sales’ related but will, we hope, prove to be of interest and use to many bus and coach modellers, whether our Customers or not.

These new sections / pages will be developed over the months as time and projects permit - we hope you enjoy them.

The big improvement we have made to this update is that the listings for the FLEETMASTER Authentic Bus Colours & ‘Extra’ colours have been totally redesigned to make the list far clearer and easy to use - the current availability of listed colours is shown and where a ‘date of introduction’ for new releases is known this will be shown against the relevant colour detail - changing to ‘In Stock’ as soon as that colour is actually ‘on the shelf’ and available to order. Likewise if a previously released colour were to go temporarily Out of Stock this will be shown in the listing to save you ordering that colour until it is available again. Whilst we will try to prevent released colours going Out of Stock as far as possible if this should happen the replenishment of stock will normally be 3 - 4 weeks maximum.

The improved layout of the paint listing has been extended to the MODELWORKS product range as well.

DORSET MODEL BUSES now has a presence on Facebook Groups with three Groups:

Dorset Model Buses : where we will publish updates and news and general chat about our products. You are most welcome to apply to join the Group so you can join in with the discussion as well as posting comments for us to see.

Model Bus Discussion Group : General chat about buses & coaches both model & the ‘real thing’.

Model Bus Marketplace : Buy, Sell, Swap, Ask for help, Find that elusive kit - anything to do with our hobby.

Click on the name of a Group above (or use the buttons at left of page) to go to that Group.

Please note that as of 11-04-18 only this Front Page has been updated with the Facebook Group buttons on the left of the page. On other pages the Facebook logo will take you to the Dorset Model Buses Group only - other pages will be updated over the next few days.

DORSET MODEL BUSES specialises in products and parts for the modeller of buses and coaches in 4mm scale (1/76).

We have several different product ranges either available now or under development for future release - although no dates can be given yet for future products these will be announced on this website and in other media closer to the date of their introduction.

Our own major product is the FLEETMASTER  range of Authentic Bus Livery Colours, a large selection of which are now available from stock. Further colours  are to be added to this range in due course  - for full details  please go to the FLEETMASTER section of the website by using the button below left.

Other products in the MODELWORKS range are equally suitable for modellers in other fields such as railway modelling - hence the name.

We are also now the exclusive seller of the Model Omnibus range of conversion parts & decals developed by a long-time bus modeller - see below for more on this exciting development.

NEW ! - exclusively available from DMB  (see below)


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Calling all non-UK based modellers !

As most, if not all, modellers will know, transit regulations concerning worldwide shipping make it totally impossible for us to send White Spirit based paints such as most of our FLEETMASTER Authentic Bus Colours to modellers who live outside the UK. We have had, over the last two years, numerous requests to supply non-UK based modellers but have always had to decline - we have helped a number of people by supplying a ‘dry’ panel of colours so that the modeller might try and get a colour matched locally. Whilst this has, we know, helped a few, it is hardly an ideal answer due to several factors such as quantity one is forced to purchase - often a minimum of one litre.

Following recent (and near future technical) developments we are considering a way to partially overcome the problem of supplying non-UK based modellers with at least some Authentic colours.

We are considering duplicating some colours in a ‘water-based’ Acrylic paint that CAN be sent to non-UK based modellers (with a few exceptions as to country).

However, before this project ‘gets the go ahead’ we would like to ask that if this idea would interest you that you be kind enough to let us know and what colours you would like to see made available in Acrylic.

We are not proposing to duplicate all FLEETMASTER colours but those that might find greatest demand.

Later this year DORSET MODEL BUSES will be developing a totally new paint range in co-operation with another trader and this will give us the opportunity to do the above - however we’d like to hear from you!

em@il us at   (click link)

It is with regret that the above proposal has been CANCELLED.

Despite the requests we received for orders to be shipped abroad - something we cannot do with enamel paint - and our proposal to get round this as above because we will be manufacturing another range of paint in the Acrylic material, we have received absolutely NO feedback  - we have therefor been forced to the conclusion that modellers abroad are simply not interested. A shame but there it is.

We have been approached regarding bus colours for various Irish operators (both sides of the border) and we would again need to produce these in Acrylic due to shipping restrictions.

This is an ongoing matter subject to discussion with several parties and IS NOT effected by the decision above.  

Latest Product News  update : 08th March 2018 -  please use yellow ‘LATEST NEWS’ button at left-hand side

15 new additions to the FLEETMASTER range now in stock  -  see product news

Several additions to availability in the MODELWORKS range.

We are able to accept Credit & Debit card payments for telephone & mail orders using the following cards:

Credit & Debit card payment will also be available on our exhibition stand.


The website will be undergoing updates over the next few days - there may be short periods off-line

Posted Tuesday 10th April 16.00


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