A range of water-slide decals (transfers)  developed from the needs of  bus modellers undertaking re-paints of die-cast models.

The first releases are a tie-in to our development of modification / detailing parts for ECW bodied Bristol VRT’s (see conversion parts page).

These will provide 3 different sets of correct grille details for Series 1, Series 2 & Series 3 buses to replace those lost during re-painting of EFE vehicles.

Other decals for  grille / detailing  sets will follow during 2018 - please watch the DMB website for announcements of availability or phone to check.

All enquiries & sales for Model Omnibus products are being dealt with by our friends at DORSET MODEL BUSES

Model Omnibus is also working towards the introduction of a range of fleet-names and other items in the future.

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Model Omnibus



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Grille set for SERIES 3 VRT with upper deck engine air grilles. Includes extra grille as used on some buses on upper deck off-side behind cab as part of an improved cab heating system.

The off-side engine air intake grille (larger ‘square’ grille) is drawn to replicate the real grilles far more accurately than the ‘slope-sided’ reproduction found on EFE die-casts - the real grilles (on some buses only) had a very small vertical slope that would hardly show on a 4mm (1:76) model - thus Model Omnibus has drawn this grille square which gives a far better reproduction of the grille.

                                                                              Price : £2.00 per set             Available from stock



Grille set for SERIES 2 VRT with curved ‘BET’ style windscreen.

This set includes separate ‘twin set’ louvres for use on between-deck band above engine compartment.

                                                                              Price : £2.00 per set             Available from stock



Grille set for SERIES 1 and early SERIES 2 VRT with ‘flat-front’ body.

Set does not include ‘between-decks’ louvres as per MOD02 as the EFE diecast model has these louvres cast in.

Should you however require these louvres with MOD03 please phone us before placing your order.

                                                                              Price : £2.00 per set               Available from stock

Model Omnibus decal sets MOD 01 / 02 / 03 have been designed particularly for use with the EFE diecast models.  All three sets are different in order to take account of differences in both the real buses and the EFE models - this is particularly significant with the front radiator grille size and shape between the earlier ‘flat-front’ ECW body and the later ‘curved-front’ BET windscreen style.

With the introduction of the Series 3 VRT by Bristol it was necessary for ECW to drastically modify the body structure to accommodate the high-level grilles for the intake and output of the cooling air to the engine compartment, which was now an encapsulated engine to offer a lower noise level to meet soon to be introduced regulations. At the same time the front ‘dash’ was also tidied up and the size and shape of the radiator grille changed once again.

Model Omnibus Bristol VRT decal sets enable the modeller to replicate these differences - particularly the front radiator grille where we believe that our extensive study of the real buses has enabled us to offer you the most accurate miniature reproduction yet  - compare these photos of our decals with the very poor reproduction found on some original diecasts!.

The Bristol VRT grille sets are printed in black as this gives the best effect when used on a model.


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